Matjaz Galicic's Noise page


Prices of items from "[&]", "Abnormal Tapes", "Abnormal Distro" in the "Labels and distro" sections, or from the "[&]" web-site are:

1 tape or CD-R: £5 + postage
6 tapes or CD-R's: £25 + postage
10 tapes or CD-R's: £35 + postage

All tapes or CD-R's are sent without plastic boxes to save on postage costs unless requested otherwise.

1x 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA / SIST EN 343 / tn666 3-way split CD is: £10 + postage

Postage is calculated after the package weight is determined and can be sent by ordinary mail or by registered mail ~ Postage prices

Payment by PayPal or by CRYPTO accepted!

Stores, DIY stores, e-stores, local or international distributors: get in touch! We deal direct!


If you want to trade:
1. Please contact Matjaz first,
2. Let him know what you have,
3. After he contacts you back, something may be worked out.

Do not send to Matjaz any stuff without telling him 1st what you have & what you are interested in!

Trade points:
1x tape = 1 point
1x CD-R = 1 point
1x 7" = 1.5 points
1x 10" = 2.5 points
1x 12" = 2.5 points
1x MCD = 2 points
1x CD = 2 points
(unless noted otherwise)

Trade points are negotiable.