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Abnormal Distro (1994 – present) ~ Tapes, Vinyl, CDs, CD-Rs



Abnormal Tapes was oriented in the punk-HC-crust-grind-noise-experimental-industrial-noise vein or whatever came out of that.

No new releases will be made in the future!

All ABNORMAL TAPES releases are still available (unless noted otherwise)!


01 – WHO CARES... ABOUT THE SCENE? int. compilation-tape w/FORCA MACABRA, DISCLOSE, AGATHOCLES, ANTITUDE + tons more! comes w/24-page A5 booklet! (punk-HC-grind)
02 – NOISE ANNOYS int. compilation-tape w/STROBODEATH, ACROHOLIA, GRUNT, SUPPRESSION + more!! (grind-noise-ind. noise)
03 – SCUM NOISE / BLOODSUCKERS split-tape – HC-crust/HC with metal influences! comes with lyrix sheet
04 – V.M.S. / DIARRHOEA (finland/slovenia) split-tape – insane and fast noise-core/intense grind-noise-core!
05 – AGATHOCLES (belgium): "Theatric Symbolisation Of Life" tape – official D.I.Y. re-release of CD/double LP; comes with few extra songs as well + w/lyrix sheets too!! mincing-grind!
06 – GROINCHURN / MINDFART (south africa/belgium) split-tape – double live grind-attack!! has nice fold-out cover
07 – CRIPPLE BASTARDS (italy): "Punk's Not Music" tape – a collection of rare and unreleased material (not available any more)
08 – DECA DEBILANE / EXCRETED ALIVE (slovenia/spain) split-tape – industrial-grind/great grind-noise!
09 – KAKOFONIJA / DISFIGURED (both yugoslavia) split-tape – 2 demos on one tape!! grind-crust/gore-grind! good sound!
10 – BLUDGE / CORNUCOPIA (sweden/belgium) split-tape – good brutal grind from both!!
11 – DESTROY THE POLICE POWER! 3-way split-tape has DECHE-CHARGE (canada), DIARRHOEA (slovenia) and FINAL EXIT (japan)! from noise-grind to grind-noise, you get it all!! multi-limited edition
12 – WASSERDICHT / WORLD CHAOS (slovenia/germany) split-tape – raw HC-grind/brutal crust-punk!! all lyrix included
13 – PROLETARIAT / RADICAL NOISE split-tape (slovenia/turkey) split-tape – crust-punk/HC-punk (not available any more)
14 – RECTAL PUS / SADISTIC LINGAM CULT (usa/japan) split-tape – grind-noise-core/harsh-noise (not available any more)
15 – DECA DEBILANE / HEMORRHOID split-tape (slovenia/yugoslavia) split-tape – experimental-industrial-grind/great death-grind!!
16 – POLITICIANS ARE... STUPID ASSHOLES! VOL.1 4-way split-tape has HINFAMY (brasil), VIOLENT HEADACHE (spain) on one side and DECA DEBILANE (slovenia) and C.S.S.O. (japan) on other; 4 grind-bands for your ears!
17 – NUCLEAR PISS int. compilation-tape w/SADISTIC LINGAM CULT, DIARRHOEA, HAEMORRHAGE, MASTIKAPEΡASKOS, URGH! + more!! (grind-noise-ind. noise)
18 – GESORTE NACHBARN / DECA DEBILANE (spain/slovenia) split-tape – noise experimentation/noise-grind mania (not available any more)
19 – SONIC DISORDER / mILITIA ACT (usa/germany) split-tape – insane industrial noise attack from both
20 – END OF SILENCE / HERMIT (germany/canada) split-tape – ambient noise/harsh ndustrial
21 – SLOVENIAN BEER 'N' NOISE BASTARDS TOUR '96 4-way split-tape has SCUFFY DOGS, DECA DEBILANE, ANONIMNI ALKOHOLIKI and WASSERDICHT 4 slovenian bands playin' from ska-punk, ind. noise to noise-core and HC-grind! has no cover...
22 – CHRIST SNACKS / IMPREGNATE TRICHOMONAS (panama/japan) split-tape – 2 sick gore-grind cunts together!! great!
23 – ANONIMNI ALKOHOLIKI / GRUUTHAAGY (slovenia/croatia) split-tape – noise-core/experimental-noise
24 – CHRIST SNACKS / CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION (panama/japan) split-tape – grind-gore/sick gore-grind (not available any more)
25 – FLAGRANTS D'ELI (france): "Live '89-'91" tape – great punk-rock classic! has few songs from '86 + comes also w/lyrix sheet
26 – T.R.B.U.H. / M. NOMIZED (croatia/france) split-tape – techno-experimental-ind. noise/art ind. noise! few copies left...
27 - T.U.O.B. / D.O.W.N (england/japan) split-tape – experimental noise/harsh ind. noise! (not available any more)
28 – HERMIT / HIDEG RONCS (canada/hungary) split-tape – 2x good noise!
29 – GORE BEYOND NECROPSY (japan): "Live and Reh. 1996" tape – great grind-noise-core! (not available any more)
30 – OUTERMOST / SONIC DISORDER (japan/usa) split-tape – great ind. noise assault from both! (not available any more)
31 – DEFECACION PURULENTA (spain): "With Love (The Best Ballads)" tape – has stuff from 2 split and 1 demo-tape!! total cuervo-core!
32 - POLITICIANS ARE... STUPID ASSHOLES! VOL.2 3-way split-tape has DICKLESS TRACY (slovenia), BLUDGE (sweden) and ENTRAILS MASSACRE (germany)!! 3 grind-bands for slammin'!
33 – DISCLOSE (japan): "Collection '96-'98" tape – includes material from 7''-es, compilations, demos! classic raw d-beat punk!
34 – S.F.U. / SOCKEYE (slovenia/usa) split-tape – HC-punk/great retarded mid-tempo punk!!
35 – DISCLOSE / WIND OF PAIN (japan/finland) split-tape – raw dis-punk/crusty HC-punk!!! 2nd ltd. edition available
36 – GARBAGE PEOPLE (holland) tape – angry digital-rap-industrial! limited edition as well...
37 – F.F.F / UNSETTLED EXISTANCE a.k.a. BODYCOCKTAIL #54 (holland/usa) split-tape – digital noise/great weird-disco-core
38 – NES / MASTIKATOR (sweden/slovenia) split-tape – excellent industrial-ambient noise/crazy guitar-noise!
39 – ΒMES SANGLANTES (canada): "Cosmic" tape – ind. noise trip! limited edition as well!
40 – ΒMES SANGLANTES / EINSCHLAFHILFE (canada/germany) split-tape – good industrial-noise from both!
41 – ODAL / NEANDERTAL (netherlands/italy) split-tape – great noise & ambient!!
42 – THIRD WORLD PLANET (canada): "Shock Wave" live-tape – powerful & angry HC
43 – NAPALMED / HERMIT w/SIST EN 343 (czech r./canada w/slovenia) split-tape –great ambient-ind.-noise from everybody! ~ Free download
44 – SODN' DAN / HISTEREZIS MOZGA (slovenia/yugoslavia) split-tape – crust-punk/crazy HC-death; lyrix and info paper included
45 – STRATOSFERA / NOISE MIGRANΔΔΔΔ (slovenia/germany) split-tape – great exp. electro stuff/dark & noisy keyboard abuse
46 – MASTIKATOR (slovenia): "Demo 2000" – 1st and last "official" demo from this crazy noise-core unit w/drum-machine!
47 – MIDGET FETISH (australia) tape – a collection of all their 3 great demo tapes on one tape!! gore-grind at its best; comes also with lyrix sheet ~ to listen/download the release go here
48 – NAPALMED / A SONIC DETERRENT (czech r./usa) split-tape – ear damaging industrial-noise from both
49 – NEUE MIGRENE / SIST EN 343 (germany/slovenia) split-tape – dark, noisy & depressive keyboard abuse/crazy ind. noise
51 – ALUMINUM NOISE (usa): "Army Of Robots" tape – great ambient-industrial noise! ltd. edition as well...
52 – S.U.I.C.I.D.E. PROPAGANDA (belgium): "The Forever Virgin" tape – nice industrial/static noise attack! ltd. edition too!
53 – WALDRAND / SINNER'S CRIME / SIST EN 343 (swiss/japan/slovenia) 3-way split-tape – minimal experimental noise/minimal industrial noise/harsh-ambient; really great tape! released together w/GάRTELTIER TAPES (swiss) ~ Free download
54 – HARD & LOUD 4-way split-tape has STERBENDE WELT (germany), COCKEYED (canada), KA-BOOM!! (slovenia) and NAPALMED (czech r.) – from exp. noise, noise-core to more exp. noise and ambient! released together w/Debila Records (slovenia)
55 – OUTERMOST (japan): "Stress" tape – extreme & powerful harsh electronics at its best; limited edition as well!
56 – NAPALMED (czech r.): "Fabricunts/Guitarism" 2x tape – loud harsh industrial (not available any more)
57 – E.K.G. / INSOMNIA (slovakia/usa) split-tape – raw noise-core/harsh static noise
58 – SONIC INSECT (usa): "It Is Important To Have Good Oral Hygine" tape – great annoying & sometimes hard exp. noise, a collaboration recording between SONIC DISORDER and NAKED INSECTS! limited edition as well!
59 – EMIL BEAULIEAU (usa): "Born In the USA" tape – great powerful harsh/industrial noise
60 – NOISEBITCH / IL MESTRUO DELLE PUTTANE (hol/italy) split-tape – loud experimental-noise/harsh-noise attack
61 – BASIC SOUND FOUNDATION (hol): "The Remixproject" tape – really nice minimalistic ambient technoise
62 – H.R.U.P. Vol. 1 – 4-way split-tape has KADEF (germany), PRAYING FOR OBLIVION (usa), RADIOACTIVE GENOCIDE (int. collaboration) and LONGDREAMDEAD (japan); 4 noise bands for your ear destruction! comes in A5 plastic-bag
63 – PAUL HARRISON / EXPOSE YOUR EYES (2x UK): "Expose your eyes/Head in the voices" split-tape – feedback, cut-ups & sound destruction; ltd. edition!
65 – JASON CAMPBELL (canada): "Bulb" tape – powerful ambient/power electronics at its best; excellent stuff!
68 – BIG CITY ORCHESTRA (usa): "Boom Crash Crash" tape – minimalistic ambient soundscapes


Fuck-U-Tapes was dedicated only to shit-noise-crap-fun-core-gore-bore.

Idea for this tape-label was: "We have to admit that "non-music" can also be a form of expression of your ideas, anger & frustrations in today's world and society and there can be lots of fun when doing it."

All Fuck-U-Tapes tapes were and still are available for free! You must cover postage (Slovenija: 2xB znamki). Please ask for ONE tape at the time, as Matjaz is not a rich bastard. You can send also your (short) blank tape + money for postage as well, whatever works out better for you .


01 – SNAJPER / Č*K! (slovenia x2) split tape – shit-trash-noise/pop-crap shit
02 – SNAJPER / ST.LUCAS (slovenia x2) split tape – shit-trash-noise/belch-gore
O3 – SNAJPER / ROBOT 3000 (slovenia x2) split tape – shit-trash-noise/industrial noise static
04 – ROBOT 3000 (slovenia): "Silence Is Rebellious" (demo III) – loud industrial noise static
05 – PROPAD ČLOVEŠTVA 1.DEL compilation tape – includes 8 shit-noise-trash-crap-core bands/projects from Slovenia!! all stuff is unreleased! released together with Debila Records (slovenia)
06 – A.U.B. / HEQET (slovenia/croatia) split tape – noise-core/falsh-core
07 – HEQET / CONGENITAL HAEMORRHOIDS(croatia/japan) split tape – falsh core/junk-grind-noise
08 – DEADLY VERITY / ZWIEBACK GARANTIERT (japan/germany) split tape - experimental shit x2!
09 – IMPROVISATION 26 / PINA COLADA (sweden/spain) split tape – exp. shit-crust/ind. noise
10 – PROSTORIJA NOISE ORCHESTRA / GRUUTHAAGY (croatia x2) split tape – bore-core/noise
11 – GRUUTHAAGY / CRKLAKIČMA (slovenia / croatia) split tape – experimental-noise/fun-core
12 – SNAJPER / CRKLAKIČMA / ALWAYS ULTRA (3x slovenia) 3-way-split tape – shit-grind/grind-noise/fun
13 – PROSTORIJA NOISE ORCHESTRA / NOISE MIGRANΔΔΔ (croatia/germany) split tape – bore-core/noise
14 – PROPAD ČLOVEŠTVA 2.DEL compilation tape – includes 8 more shit-noise-crappy projects from Slovenia!! all is unreleased stuff!! released together again with co-operation w/Debila Records (Slovenia)
15 – SNAJPER / OPS-PSF (slovenia/japan) split tape – brutal shit-noise/great noise
16 – EPILEPTIC / HERMODICE CARUNCULATA (germany/slovenia) split tape – noise x2!
17 – GURACASCA / SPRUNGREVISION (germany x2) split tape – grind-noise/experimental shit
18 – MILA / ANGEBORENE REFLEXE (2x germany) split tape – singalong crap/noise-shit
19 – T.P.D. / WENDY Y LOS HUEVOS RANCHEROS / TAKE DEATH (slovenia/usa/slovenia) 3-way split tape – HC-grind/noise/grind-noise


A.B.T. meant "Abnormal Beer Terrorism" and was nothing else than a joint action of two D.I.Y. slovenian forces, "Abnormal tapes" and "Beer records" to release vinyl records in 7'' format. Back in 1996 they were one of the first and nowdays they are still one of rare labels in Slovenia who released 7'' vinyl. They released 1st "grind" and 1st "noise" 7'' records in Slovenia and they are proud of it.

All records were released by A.B.T. or together with bands & friendly labels from other countries.

Releases A.B.T. did a.k.a. list of records which are not available any more:

1. DESINENCE MORTIFICATION / EXCRETED ALIVE (croatia / spain) split 7''
2. DENAK / EXCRETED ALIVE (both spain) split 7''
3. NAPALMED / HERMIT (czech r. / canada) split 7'' (collaboration release)
4. ACROHOLIA / INTESTINAL DISEASE (yugoslavia / belgium) split 7''
5. HERMIT / SCAB (canada / japan) split 7'' (collaboration release)
6. SENSELESS / SIRUP ZA IZKAŠLJEVANJE (croatia / slovenia) split 7'' (collaboration release)
7. MEXICAN POWER AUTHOROTY (canada): 100 Years Old Shack 7'' (collaboration release)
8. 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA / DECA DEBILANE (australia:germany / slovenia) split 7'' (collaboration release)

Please note: no new releases will be made in the future!


[&] started in 2002 and is still an active label. For more info click here.


1 – SODN' DAN / BOLESNO GRINJE (slovenia / croatia) split LP – great raw HC-punk from Železniki and furious grinding-HC-punk from Pula; released together with both bands! Still available!
2 – A NICE NOISE EVENING VOL.1 compilation CD-R – 4 noise bands live in Ljubljana: A.U.B. (Ljubljana), GEN 26 (Ljubljana), MAN MANLY (Usa) and JUSTICE YELDHAM AND THE DYNAMIC RIBBON DEVICE (Australia). Comes in a nice hand-made package.
3 – MATTIN / GEN 26 / BATUR SONMEZ (baskia/slovenia/turkey) 3 way split 3'' CD-R – harsh noise + ambient. Comes in a nice hand-made package.
4 - AARON HULL / AMPER-O-MAT / MATTIN+TORTURING NURSE (australia/slovenia/baskia+china) 3-way split CD-R - ambient/experimental noise/harsh noise. Comes in a nice hand-made package.
5 - KROSOT / JESUS IS ANGRY / KENJI SIRATORI (malayisia/greece/japan) 3-way split CD-R - ambient/analog sonic art/noise electronics. Comes in a nice hand-made package.
6 - OUTERMOST (japan) "C.U.D.L. 2/Life As" CD-R - really cool metal/junk/harsh noise; one of Outermost's best and last recordings from 2001. Comes in a nice hand-made package.
7 - CATHAL RODGERS (ireland) "The Walls Have Ears" CD-R - drone/noise from the Irish drone master. Comes in a nice hand-made package.
8 - THIRDORGAN / PHORESY (japan/ireland) split CD-R - almost 80 min. of harsh/noise/power electronics from both bands! Comes in a nice hand-made package.

To get your own copy of the LP or CD-R click here.


Abnormal Distro started in 1994 and is still existing. Items in in this section are here as a consequence of international cooperation, trading & friendship of Matjaz. All items are distributed with bands'/labels' permissions and are still available. Updates on availability are done on regular basis.

You may choose between loads of tapes, some CDs, CD-Rs and vinyl

Please note that CDs, CD-Rs and vinyl are available for trade only (except SIST EN 343 and GEN 26 items) unless you really insist in ordering.

For trading and ordering click here.


ABUSO SONORO / DISCLASS (bel/macedonia) split tape – crust-punk/HC-punk; comes with a mini booklet
ACROHOLIA (yu): "Genocides" tape - demo 1 and 2 on 1 tape; excellent grindcore
AGARCHY! compilation tape – has AGATHOCLES, NO LIMITS, ADNAUSEAM, IMMURED, LIVIDITY + more! (HC/punk/crust/grind/death)
AGATHOCLES (belgium): "Mincemania In Greece" tape – has newer and older material ('87-'97); mince-grind classic
AGGRESSIVE TYRANTS / UPSIDE DOWN (2x czech r.) split tape – good death-grind from both
ALL FILTH OF THIS WORLD IS A HUMAN FILTH VOL.2 compilation tape – has DEMISOR, MINDFLAIR, SPROVOD, CENOTAPH, C.S.S.O. + more! (crust/grind/noise)
ΒMES SANGLANTES (canada): "We're Against Our Self (Anti-Opus V)" tape – has new & old material ('87-'97); tape – good ind. noise
ΒMES SANGLANTES (canada): "Karoshi" tape – experimental noise electronics
ΒMES SANGLANTES / SNAJPER / SONIC DISORDER (canada/slo/usa) 3-way split tape – ind. noise/shit-noise/exp. noise
ANAL MASSAKER / P.T.A.O. (ger/czech r.) split tape – noise-core chaos in 7MON style/electro grind-noise-core, followed by harsh-noise
ANDAMIO / UNGASUNGASUTYRUNGA (spain/pol) split tape – good noise-core/total noise
ANHEPI WEDNZDEJSZ (yu): "Želim!" demo – good & interesting experimental noise
ANHEPI WEDNZDEJSZ / JEDNI OD MNOGIH (2x yugoslavia) split tape – total noise / interesting experimental noise; comes w/mini booklet!
ARMONIZIDIO / BRUTAL MASSAKRE OF TOREROS / IRRITACION EXTREMA (3x spain) 3-way split tape – total industrial static noise!
BATHTUB SHITTER (jap): "Live 1999" tape – loud & noisy grind
BIDOCHE MUSIQUE & M. NOMIZED (swiss/fra): "Wu Xing – Les Cinq Elements" collaboration tape – beautiful ambient noise, combined w/bass guitar
BLOOD / MALIGNANT TUMOUR (ger/czech r.) split tape – 2x death-grind, recorded live!
BLOOD SUCKERS / CLADOPHORA GLOMERATA (belgium/czech r.) split tape – brutal grind/grind
BRAG-FLASHLAMP (jap): "Demo '00" tape – fast hc-grind thrash
BULLDOG (jap): "Promo Demo" tape - early japanese HC style; great!
CADAVER (COPS) CORPSE (ger): "From '91 To '95" tape – good HC-punk
CARNAL DIAFRAGMA / P.I.T. (czech r./slovakia) split tape – death-grind w/studio + live recordings/fast grind w/drum machine
CHINK / EPILEPTIC (italy/ger) split tape – 2x noise
CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN (jap): "Clitto's Special Cover Hits Vol.1" tape – grind covers of NAPALM DEATH, NIRVANA + more!
CONGENITAL HAEMORRHOIDS / OPS-PSF (2x jap) – great junk-grind/noise
CONGENITAL HAEMORRHOIDS / T.S.M. (jap/peru) split tape – grind-noise x2
CONTAINER (czech r.): "Blbe Storocie" demo tape – punk-HC w/studio recordings
CORNUCOPIA / AGATHOCLES (2x bel) split tape – grind/mince-core 2x caught live!
C.S.M.D. / DAWIDOWICZ / M.H.N.T.G.B. (2xhol/?) 3-way split tape – grind-noise-core/ HC-punk/exp. industrial
C.S.M.D. / NOISE MIGRΔNΔΔ / ANTENNA 59 (hol/ger/italy) 3-way split tape – 3x noise
DAMAGE DIGITAL/BASTARBATION (both jap) split tape – fast & extreme HC-grind from DD, followed by powerful noise-elektronics collaboration with B
DAMAGE DIGITAL / DEVIANT VIRAL SOURCE (jap/slovakia) split tape – grind-noise-core x2
DANIELE BRUSACHETTO / RENCH / KRANKHEIT DER JUGEND (italy/england/ger) 3-way split tape – experimental industrial/electro-ambient drum 'n' bas/avantgarde psihadelical rock
DEAD (ger): "Live" – porno death-grind!! good live recording!
DEAD INFECTION (pol): "Live '95" – good death-gore-grind, recorded live
DEATH BRINGERS IV compilation tape – all japanese HC-crust-punk bands together: ADDICTION, ASHRAIN, CRUSADE, DISHONOR + more! great!
DΚD KOTLET / EPILEPTIC (jap/slovakia) (2x ger) split tape – noise x2
DEMANT / BAD JUSTICE (2x cro) split tape –good HC-crust-punk, 2x live
DEPRESY MOUSE (czech r.): Ho! demo tape – noise-core w/wistle
DEPRESY MOUSE / EMBOLISM (czech r./slovakia) split tape – grind-core w/whistle/grind-noise!!
DIARREA VOKAL (spa): "From '94 To '97" tape – interesting noise/noise-core; collection from different (split) tapes
DILATAZIONI VOL.4 6-way split tape – has SIST EN 343 (slo; harsh/static noise), K.G.B. (greece; exp. synth), NEUE MIGRENE (ger; synth abuse), RAISE HELL (ger; harsh/static noise), INSOMNIA (usa; harsh noise) and VITA-VERBUM-LUX (canada; power electronics)
DISCLOSE (jap): "Studio Trax '93-'95" tape – raw d-beat punk collection of studio songs from 7''-es, compilations and CD's!
DRAJTŠPONARJI (slo): "s/t" demo tape – their first demo; cow pogo punk!
DRAJTŠPONARJI (slo): "Marostarska Veselica" demo tape – melodic pogo-punk
DRIFT (yu): "Incisions" demo tape– good grind-rock
E.K.T. / NOISE MIGRΔNΔΔΔ (2x ger) split tape – grind-noise-shit/total noise
EXCESS compilation tape – has EXCRETED ALIVE, MID CULTURE AGE, DECOMPOSING SERENITY, ENOUGH!, SQUASH BOWELS + more (grind/noise) + booklet!
EXCRETED ALIVE / BLUDGE (spain/swe) split tape – grind-noise/grind
FETISH PARADE / S.A.A.E.I. (czech r./holland) split tape – sick gore –grind/grind
FINAL EXIT (jap): "Demo #4" tape – great grind-noise-core; better than ANAL CUNT
FINAL EXIT / EXCRETED ALIVE (jap/spa) split tape – great grind-noise x2!
FINAL EXIT / NAPALMED (jap/czech r.) split tape – grind-noise/industrial noise
FLAGRANTS D'ELI (fra): "1993" demo tape – anarcho-punk w/ good lyrix
FLAGRANTS D'ELI (fra): "Un Certain Regard... d' Espoir?" demo tape– punk!
FLAGRANTS D'ELI (fra): "Live At Kalashnikov" tape – punx caught live
FLAGRANTS D'ELI / ANARCHIJOS INVAZIJA (fra/lithuania) split tape – anarcho-punk (new songs)/HC-punk (songs from "Protestas" demo); comes with a lyrix sheet
FLAGRANTS D'ELI / DOVES UNDER CHAIRWALK (fra/ger) split tape – 2x punk; comes with a lyrix sheet
FLATLINE CONSTRUCT (canada): "Crippled Officers" tape – crazy harsh-noise
FRIGΦRA (jap): "Live In Shinjuku" tape – good scandi-style HC!
GORILLA GIRL / TWISTED TRUTH (2x czech r.) – 2x grind, recorded live
GROINCHURN (south africa): "Every Dog Has Its Decay" demo – their first studio demo - very good death-grind
GRUUTHAAGY / RANDOM GROUP (croatia/yugoslavia) split tape – 2x experimental noise
HERMIT / JALOPAZ (can/usa) split tape – 2x industrial noise
HIATUS / HEALTH HAZARD (bel/uk) split tape – HC-crust/angry HC; comes w/ booklet
IDIOT SAVANT / EX KLAVNA (france/slovenia) split tape – HC-punk at its best from both
IL MESTRUO DELLE PUTTANE / NOISE MIGRΔNΔΔ (italy/ger) split tape – ind. noise/ noise w/synth
IMPULANT / ANTENNA 59 (slo/italy) split tape – 2x noise
INHUMATE / MAGGOT SHOES (fra/ger) split tape – grind x2
INSIDE CONFLICT / T.B.S.M. (both usa) split tape – raw hc-grind/grind noise-core
IT'S JUST A BEGINNING compilation tape – has all ex-yugoslavian bands, like APATRIDI, UNUTRAŠNJI BUNT, TANK WARNING NET + more! comes w/lyrix sheet (HC/punk/grind)
JALOPAZ & GROUP B (both usa): "Red Green Earth" collaboration tape – noise, mixed w/violin, followed by dark ambient noise; special cover included!
JASON CAMPBELL / MASTIKATOR (canada/slo) split tape – hard & harsh ind. noise/ crazy grind-noise
JASON CAMPBELL / SIST EN 343 (canada/slo) split tape – power ind. noise/ambient-harsh noise
KAT (jap): "Promo Demo" tape - early UK-style HC-punk!
KNUCKLEHEAD (jap): "Promo" tape – noisy grind-crust
KNUCKLEHEAD (jap): "Studio & Live" tape – grind-crust; good recording
KRYPTOSEXUAL CANCROID / HATEBOX (2x italy): "Diamoci Un Taglio" split tape – crazy & primitive electro-grind/industrial HC-grind w/drum machine; comes with mini booklet with all the information
LEL' SABU (ukraine): "Das I Other" tape – semi-ambient ritual improviastion; includes 2 demos: "Mak-ha!" demo and "KiLLovekiLoKL" demo
MAGGUT (jap): "Reh Demo 2001" tape – gore-grind with rehearsal recordings
MALIGNANT TUMOUR / GRIDE (2x czech r.) split tape – grind-gore/HC-grind
MASTIKATOR / ANAL TUMOUR / FUNFUNDACKIG BOJS / SHITOBA (slo/3x slovakia) 4-way split tape – grind-noise-core/grind-noise/2x noise-core
MAXI NOISE SENSATION VOL.2 compilation tape – BLOOD SUCKERS, CONFLICT X, CABAL, AGITATOR + more! (grind/noise/gore/crust)
MEAT SHOP / PILE OF EGGS (2x usa) split tape – power-noise/grind-noise
MEAT STINKS! compilation tape – has DENAK, FINAL EXIT, MASHER, HEALTHY INCIDENT + more! (grind/noise); comes w/booklet!
MIKHAIL ATOM (russia): "Astroepos" tape – excellent alchemical/synth ambient
MIND OF HATE (jap): "... You Just Feed My Hate" demo tape – good HC-punk
MIND OF HATE (jap): "Another Day Of Hate (live)" tape – HC-punk, recorded live
MINDMAP (slovakia): "Live Subterra" tape – eksperimental ambient, sometimes meditational & rhytmical noise
MISERABLE FAILURE / PSYCHONEUROSIS (usa/pol) split tape – fast HC with grind-noise influences/HC-thrash, recorded live
MISOGYNIST PUSSYSLASHER (finland): "Sick Murder Fuck" tape – gore-grind w/drum machine
MIYAZAKI TETSUYA (jap): Mechanization tape – great minimalistic sound manipulation
MORTALIZED / GUILTY CONNECTOR (both jap) tape – great death-grind, mixed w/power electronics
MOURMASK 150 / NAPALMED / CLAIRAUDIENCE (fra/czech r./usa) 3-way split tape – harsh-noise electronics/minimalistic exp. noise/exp. ambient noise
MRTVA BUDOUCNOST / DISLIKE (czech r./croatia) split tape – HC-crust/HC-punk
MUZUMUZU SURU / THE JAPANESE TORTURE COMEDY HOUR (2x usa) split tape – great industrial noise from both
NAPALMED / OHDEESTIFF (2x czech r.) split tape – ind. noise x2
NERVIO ACUSTICO / CUESCO FETIDO (2x spa) split tape– 2x industrial noise-core
NIPPON PROMO SAMPLER compilation tape – C.S.S.O., CONGENITAL HAEMORRHOIDS, NYRLATHOTEP and VOLTIFOBIA, all are japanese bands, all play grind! bonus = CABAL (france)
NOISE ATTACK SAMPLER VOL.1 compilation tape – has N.B.N. (slovenia), PIΡA COLADA (spa), ZARATHUSTRA (croatia) and TECHNO GARBAGE (spa); 4x industrial experimental... noise!
NOISE MIGRΔNΔΔ / RIPIT (ger/fra) split tape – noise x2
NOISE WASTE / OPF-PSF (fin/jap) – noise-core/noise
NULLA OSTA / TNT (croatia/slovenia) split tape – very good HC-punk/crust-punk!
NUT SCREAMER (usa): To Be Stupid Pt.2 tape – crazy grind/death/shit/noise!
ORIGAMI ARKTIKA (norway): "Ako Odchadzam" tape – deep minimalistic ambient, recorded live
OVS (poland): "Floe + Spin" tape – includes 2 demos: one is in electro-industrial style (from '96), other is in cold gothic metal style (from '95); ex-OMNIVORUS
PIΡA COLADA / THE SPACE (spa/czech r.) split tape – static noise x2
PRINCIPIA DISCORDIA compilation tape – E.H.I., OUTERMOST, MAD SHEPARD + more! (noise/experimental)
PUDING DE POTA #1 compilation tape – has A.S.C., MORBID VOMIT, EXCRETED ALIVE + more! (grind/noise/ind. noise)
RABIES/GONKULATOR (czech r./usa) split tape – noise-core/slow & scary black-noise
RADIKALNA PROMJENA (cro): "s/t" demo tape – anarcho crust-punk
RAW VOL.1 – DREADFUL DISILLUSIONS 4-way split tape – has SPEEDBALL (yu), DISABUSE (canada), SHEARS (italy) and KRVAVI MANDAT (croatia); HC-crust-punk x4; comes w/lyrix sheet!
ROBOT 3000 (slovenia): "Discography" tape – a full collection of rare and unreleased material of one of the first ind. noise projects from Slovenia!
ROT / BILATERAL FRAERICIDE / OSTEO SARKOM (bra/2x czech r.) 3-way split tape – grind/exp. noise/grind-noise
ROT / VOLTIFOBIA (bra/jap) split tape– 2x great grind!
SAPPHIST / INTUMESCENCE / ILBRED / GYNOPHAGIA / P IV / SMILING DECAPITATED HEAD (usa/hol/3x usa/portugal) 6-way split tape – death-grind/grind/death-grind/gore-grind w/drum machine/grind/death-grind; great!
SATAN'S GOD (usa): "Metropolis 2000" demo tape – very good ind. noise
SEASONAL ABYSS (malaysia): "Split And Unite" demo – metallic HC
SELFISH (fin): "Anarchy & Destruction" demo – crust-punk; includes 7'' + unreleased song from split LP w/DOOM + live songs; few copies left
S.F.U. (slo): "Makegarbageandgarbageonly!" demo – good punk-core
SHIT AGAINST THE PLAGUE / FACTORY OF NOISE (spa/fra) split tape – 2x static ind. noise
SHIT FOR AN ANSWER VOL.1 compilation tape – has CHINK, BRAINGUEST, MASTIKATOR, ANTENNA 59 + more!! (noise/experimental/shit)
S.M.E.S. / FUCK THE FACTS (hol/can) split tape – sick & primitive electro-grind/ HC-grind w/drum machine; comes with A4 paper w/information!
SNAJPER (slo): Nova Alternativa demo tape – brutal, crazy & nihilistic shit-noise
SNAJPER (slo): Š.I.Š.P.I.Š. demo tape – brutal, primitive but great shit-noise
SNAJPER / ALL GIRL MOSH PIT (slo/usa) split tape – brutal shit-noise/good noise
SNAJPER / CONGENITAL HAEMORRHOIDS (slo/jap) split tape – crazy & a bit boring shit noise/good grind-noise-junk improvisation
SNAJPER / D.R.T.A.D.A. (slo/slovakia) split tape – primitive + crazy shit-noise/noise-core
SNAJPER / SCAB (slo/jap) split tape – crazy & brutal shit-noise/great noise-core with drum machine
SNAJPER / M. NOMIZED / PIΡA COLADA (slo/fra/spa) 3-way split tape – crazy shit-noise/ art-industrial-tehno noise/ind. static noise; pretty good stuff
SNAJPER / NOISE MIGRΔNΔΔ (slo/ger) split tape – crazy shit-noise/synth noise torture
SNAJPER / NOISE MIGRΔNΔΔ / NOISE CORPSE / EPILEPTIC (slo/3x ger) 4-way split tape – shit-noise/noise/noise-core/noise!! crazy!
S.M.C. / KRVAVI MANDAT (2x cro) split tape – punk-crust/HC-punk; bonus = GAMAD (croatia) demo + rehearsal (HC-punk)
STATEWANKERS (fin): "Wanked From The Start '94-'95" tape - includes 2 demo tapes + rehearsals; scandi-punk! few copies left
TERATISM IN THE FORMALINTANK (jap): "Psychoteratologystic Abnormal Deformed Fetus Vivisection" demo – hyper grind-noise-chaos! few copies left
THE EAR IRRITATEING VOL.1 compilation tape – has NEUROPATHIA, UPSIDE DOWN, NAPALMED, RABIES, LEGION + more! (grind/noise/death/ind. noise)
THE EAR IRRITATEING VOL.2 compilation tape – has MIDGET FETISH, ONANIZER, ANAL GETAWAY, GROINCHURN + more! (grind/gore/noise)
THE SLANG (jap): "Promo Demo" tape - raw UK/japanese HC style
THE TEASHOP MADMAN (canada): "The Sound Museum" tape – very cool experimental guitar/ambient noise!
T.M.D.P. / EPILEPTIC (italy/ger) split tape – what else than... noise!
TNT (slovenia): "Brez Naslova" tape – their first demo; raw, original HC-punk with crust-punk influences
T.R.B.U.H. / S.A.F. (croatia/slovakia) split tape – drunk techno-grind-noise/grind-noise-core
TWISTED TRUTH (czech r.): "Delight From Nothing" demo tape – good grind
TWISTED TRUTH (czech r.): "You Makes Me A Cow?!" demo tape – good death-grind
TWISTED TRUTH / SOCIAL DEFORMITY (2x czech r.) split tape – good grind from both
TWISTED TRUTH / SENSELESS (czech r./cro) split tape – good grind/HC-crust
ULTIMO RAUSEA (jap): "Live" tape – very good fast thrash HC
UNPLEASANT / PISSED CUNT (2x czech r.) split tape – primitive grind-noise-core x2
VAFFAN COULO (uk): "s/t" demo – old punk style mixed with techno rhytms
VERBALNI DELIKT (cro): "Od Verbalnog Protesta Do Otvorenog Sukoba" demo – good anarcho crust-punk! comes w/mini booklet
VIEW BEYOND NO.12 compilation tape – has SICK OF SOCIETY, DEAF & DUMB, HYOID, RED LIHGT + more (HC/punk/grind)
VINTERRIKET / DUNKELHEIT / ASTROGENIC HALLUCINATING (ger/swe/usa) 3-way split tape – cold & raw induatrial/pure industrial/industrial
V.M.S. / OPS-PSF / MUNDO DE MIERDA (fin/jap/equador) 3-way split tape – noise-core and noise
WIND OF PAIN (fin): "Warpain Explotion" demo – raw crust-punk
WINTERS IN OSAKA (usa): "Compromose?" tape – interesting and powerful harsh noise
WORLDHATE (indonesia): "Xatya" demo tape – emotional ambient-noise
ZARATHUSTRA / ROY GBIV (cro/can) split tape – good experimental noise x2
YEAH (jap): "Promo '94" tape – original death-rock-grind
YESMEANSYES (fin): "Live On Tour 93/94" tape – noise-core chaos caught live!
YGGDRASIL / NAPALMED (ger/czech r.) split tape – ambient-noise/ind. noise
0 CM / YAMAAKAGO (both jap) split tape – excellent ambient minimalism

CDs, CD-Rs

Please note that CDs, CD-Rs are available for trade only (except SIST EN 343 and GEN 26 items) unless you really insist in ordering.

A NICE NOISE EVENING VOL.1 compilation CD-R – has A.U.B. (Ljubljana), GEN 26 (Ljubljana), MAN MANLY (usa) and JUSTICE YELDHAM AND THE DYNAMIC RIBBON DEVICE (australia), all live in Ljubljana. Comes in a nice hand-made package.
ΒMES SANGLANTES / SIST EN 343 (canada/slovenia) split CD-R – good powerful harsh noise / raw harsh ambient; this is a re-release of tape with additional 30 minutes of each band!
DRMK KRONIKA VOL.1 compilation CD-R (DRMK, 2007) with A.U.B., PROPALITET, GEN 26, SIST EN 343 and MINIMAL BASTARD – unique compilation with noise/folk/experimental bands from Ljubljana, Slovenia (2 points)
FREON 12 / SLAPSTICKS (2x italy) split MCD – good metallic new-school HC in the italian way - Earth Crisis-Snapcase style /3 copies left/
GRADSKA (slovenia): "Ritem ulice" CD-R – ska-punk with lyrics in slovenian, croatian, serbian languages; booklet comes with english translations /1 copy left/
GUERRAETERNA (south america): "1993: Silencioabsoluto" anti CD-R – hand painted, unplayable and full of protest; free with other items for trade /1 copy left/
IRIDIO (italy): "Per Catturare Una Nuvola" CD – fast melodic HC in the way of Indigesti /1 copy left/
KNOWLEDGE IS A WEAPON (italy? Spain?): "Spreadin' Hope" CD – melodic HC /1 left – still originally packed CD!/
MILGRAM (france): "Vierhuderntfunzig Volt" CD – metal (emo) hard-core /1 copy left/
MLADINCI : HRUPNO! compilation CD-R (DRMK, 2002) with KRAMFID (Slovenia), SIKHARA (usa), DISDRUG THIS FUCK (Slovenia), MUSICA EX MACHINA (Slovenia), NO EXIT (Switzerland), SIST EN 343 (Slovenia), HERMIT (Canada) – unique compilation with hc, dark, death metal to noise/experimental styles (2 points)
NIET (slovenia): s/t CD-R – great pro-done bootleg of classic slovenian hard-core band from 1984! It comes with all the lyrix in slovenian language (2 points) /1 copy left/
PERUKE (canada): "Please... mess with Texas" CD – original HC-thrash with grind influences with a good sense of humour /5 copies left/
ROSE MARY KILLERS (spain?): "Tiempo Para Rezor" CD – metallic HC /1 copy left/
SHOOT AGAIN (spain?): "Where to go..." CD – melodic HC /2 copies left/
SPACCATORI DI MUSICA STUPEFACENTE (italy): "Dove ti..." CD – powerful melodic HC
SROU PA LETU (slovenia): "Dost mam!" CD - legendary singalong pogo punk with lyrics mostly in slovenian language /1 copy left/
UNSUNG (italy): "Nail In The Hand Of Christ" CD – metal-HC with a touch of grind-core /1 copy left/


Please note that vinyl is available for trade only, except SODN' DAN / BOLESNO GRINJE split LP or unless you really insist in ordering.

CROSSROATSZ (slovenia): "I (Unkillable) Institution" 7'' – powerful HC from the sXe hare-krishna guys /2 copies left/
HUMAN SIDE (italy): "Fragments of Pain" 7'' – raw brutal metal HC /1 copy left/
MOLAIRE (france): "s/t" LP – very good punk-rock /2 copies left/
NOISE ORDER (slovenia): "Lies Rule The World" 12'' – hard-core grind; rare release which would suppose to be 7'', but ended being 12'' /1 copy left/
SIST EN 343 / SONIC DISORDER (slovenia / usa) split 7'' – raw harsh ambient at its best / sonic audio deadbutchery; first vinyl release for SIST EN 343 and second for SONIC DISORDER - released by RRR records (usa) /one copy left/
SODN' DAN / BOLESNO GRINJE (slovenia / croatia) split LP – great raw HC-punk / furious grinding-HC-punk! Great release of 2 unique and original bands! Released in co-operation between both bands and A.B.T. /few copies left/

For trading click here.

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