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Discography of bands, projects Matjaz Galicic took part in

With GEN 26


GEN 26 / CHRUP "Post Viral Madness" split CD-R (Terraformer Research Facilities, Slovenia)

1 track on "Virologia" 6x Floppy Disk box-set compilation (Adaptador Records, Argentina)

2 tracks on "A Musical Odissey to the Third World" net compilation (Hard Mint Records, Brazil)

1 track on "QCS Loves the NHS" net compilation on (Quagga Curious Sounds, UK)

1 track on "COVID-19 PANIC 2" net compilation (Smiley the Foxdoggo, Brazil)

1 track on "5 Seconds Compilation Part III" net compilation on Obstinancy (Brazil)

1 track on "2 Seconds Compilation" net compilation (Don't Stop Noise Records, Brazil) ~ Listen

1 track on "Left On Read (Part I)" net compilation (V Poiskah DoDo, Ukraine)

1 track on "Nomophobia (Part II)" net compilation (V Poiskah DoDo, Ukraine)

1 track on "May I Be Excused? (Part III)" net compilation (V Poiskah DoDo, Ukraine)

1 track on "International Experimental Music Compilation Volume 4 (400 way split)" net compilation (Broken Tape Records, Russia)

1 track on "International Experimental Music Compilation Volume 3 (300 way split)" net compilation (Broken Tape Records, Russia)


GEN 26 "Diagnosis : Human Devolution" 1-sided 10" lathe (Invaginity, Europe)

GEN 26 "Altered Gene Expression" 3" CD-R (Debila records, Slovenia)

GEN 26 "Sonic Destruction of Polynomial Coefficient" tape (Void Singularity Recordings, UK)

GEN 26 / KIKIRIKI split tape (Debila records, Slovenia) ~ Listen

NEO-CIMEX / GEN 26 / MFK / KIKIRIKI / MONO SCARVES / BROTHER OF JUDO 6-way split tape (Debila records, Slovenia)

GEN 26 "Slovenian Chromosome Extraordinaire" net release (Therapy Through Violence, USA) ~ Listen

2 tracks on "Sterilize 3/9" cassette compilation (Sterilize)

1 track on "Kompilacija slovenskega ljudskega hrupa" net compilation (Osji Med, Slovenia)

1 track on "International Experimental Music Compilation Volume 2 (200 way split)" net compilation (Broken Tape Records, Russia)

1 track on "International Experimental Music Compilation Volume 1 (100 way split)" net compilation (Broken Tape Records, Russia)

1 track on "War in Your Heads Vol. II" net compilation (Path Of Faith, Russia)

1 track on "Noise Ireland Compilation Vol. 1" net compilation (compiled by Shanebo, Ireland)


GEN 26 / THE KARMAKUMULATOR split 7" (multiple labels co-release: [&] (Slovenia), Bučni Stripovi (Croatia), Dare the Divine (Croatia), Debila Records (Slovenia), F.O.A.D. Records (Italy), Grobarluk Records (Croatia), Guranje s Litice (Croatia), IKS Festival (Croatia), Ill In The Head (Canada), Kekere Aquarium (Croatia), Kulturno umjetnička udruga Uzgon (Croatia), No Profit Recordings (Croatia), Pravěk Noise Section (Czech republic), Slušaj Najglasnije! (Croatia), Sky Burial Productions (Slovakia), SweetOhm Recordings (Greece)) ~ Listen

BRUTALOMANIA & GEN 26 collaboration tape (Harsh Noise London, UK) ~ Review

1 track on "GELBKREUZ" double compilation CD (L-White Records, Germany)


GEN 26 "The Skull Content" 3.5" floppy disc (Floppy Kick, Hungary)

GEN 26 / HIROYUKI CHIBA split tape (Eerie Noise Records, Japan) ~ Listen

GEN 26 / HARSH NOISE MOVEMENT split net release/CD-R (HNM Records, UK)

GEN 26 / DJ KAOS / EZEKIEL ASKS FOR ANAL UJAMAA / HA 100 ... / TOTAL LOLI RELINQUISH 5-way split net release (Blindesmotiv Reloaded, UK) ~ Listen

1 track on "OORT" net compilation (The Level of Vulnerability, Hungary)

1 track on "HNM 400" net compilation (Harsh Noise Movement, UK)

1 track on "NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL HARSH NOISE VOL. 4" net compilation (Blindesmotiv Reloaded, UK)

1 track on "UNSIGNED EXPERIMENTAL NOISE COMP#4" net compilation (Unsigned, Hungary)


GEN 26 "800,000 Genomes" CD-R (Smell The Stench, Australia)

"Harsh Noise London #1: Parliament" 4-way split Recycled Tape with ANIMAL MACHINE, PCRV, GEN 26 and NRYY (Harsh Noise London, UK) ~ Review

GEN 26 / PSYCHICEYECLIX / ANIMAL MACHINE "Nuclear Waste 1" 3-way split net-relase (Kif Recording, Poland)

1 track on "FLOPPY KICK EUROPE Vol.1" 3.5" floppy disc (Floppy Kick, Hungary)


GEN 26 / MORGANE DESBEET split tape (Underground Pollution Records, France)

GEN 26 "Genetic Architecture Of The Evolutionary Selection" tape on Lips Infection (Italy) [DELETED]


GEN 26 / ANIMAL MACHINE split 7" (ltd. to 103 copies co-released by [&] and Invaginity)

GEN 26 "Live on a French TV / Live @ Bruitisme#2" (Smell The Stench, Australia)

GEN 26 "Hibernating Bear" CD-R (Bored Bear Recordings, Ireland)

GEN 26 "DNA Mishap" 3" CD-R (Debila records, Slovenia)

GEN 26 & KENJI SIRATORI - Collaboration II CD-R (Stront, Holland) ~ Listen

GEN 26 & tn.666 "Vertikutieren Und DŁngen Einer Klanglandschaft" collaboration net release on Affront Digital (Germany) ~ Listen

GEN 26 "Spazztronic" 3.5" floppy disc (Floppy Kick, Hungary) - re-issued in 2017

GEN 26 "Science Fiction is Tomorrow's Future" b-card CD-R

BALLOON & NEEDLE COMPILATION - 1 track on double compilation CD (Balloon & Needle, South Korea)

CELLPH# ABUSE - 1 track on net compilation (Mortville Noise, USA)


GEN 26 "Recycled music" tape (RRR records, USA)

GEN 26 / BROTHER OF JUDO split CD-R (Medical Malfunctions Records, USA) ~ Listen or ~ Download


GEN 26 "Irish Made Easy" tape (Mask of the Slave, Romania)

GEN 26 / AxBxNx split net release (Sirona-Records, France) (Sirona #444) ~ to listen/download the release go here


GEN 26 "I lost my hat in Boston / The cult of a red towel" CD-R (Smell The Stench, Australia)

GEN 26 "Gene Farm" 3" CD-R (Debila Records, Slovenia)


GEN 26 / BIPOLAR JOE split CD-R (Exploratory Drilling Productions, Northern Ireland)

GEN 26 "This is Limerick not New York" 3" CD-R (Idrone Park, Ireland)

TONE PLUS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (2010) - 2 tracks in Tone Plus online radio show, Tone Plus Season 2 Episode 24


GEN 26 feat. 1 remixed track of BIPOLAR JOE's sounds on BIPOLAR JOE "Does Not Exist" 3" CD-R (Ireland)

NOISE VS. SUBVERSIVE COMPUTING compilation on a USB stick (Pascal Cretain's Computationally Infeasible label, Denmark)


GEN 26 "Galaxy The Universe" CD-R ([B]rush, Russia)

GEN 26 & KENJI SIRATORI collaboration CD-R (Zvukovina, BiH)

SIN SE—AL / GEN 26 / V.R.V. / BIPOLAR JOE 4-way split net-release (Smell The Stench, Australia)

GEN 26 "Ni Me Tu" net-release in ogg-format (Desetxea, Germany) (Desetxea #163)

CORROSIVE FUMES - "Balkan Noise" compilation CD-R (Zvukovina, BiH)

THE COW OF TROY - 10 SECONDS COMPILATION III CD-R and net-release on Kif Recording (Poland)

THE PLACENTA COMPILATION VOL. 3 - 3x compilation CD-R/downloadable net release (Placenta Recordings, Usa / Dadaist Audio, Holland)


KALIMAYAT / ANEKA DIGITAL SAFARI / GEN 26 "Listen Loud!" 3-way split CD-R (Noise Abuse, Indonesia) ~ Cover ~ Download

MATTIN / GEN 26 / BATUR SONMEZ 3-way split 3'' CD-R ([&], Slovenia/Ireland) ~ Review

MIXTURIZER / GEN 26 "Entramada/Made in Ireland" split net-release in mp3 fromat (Defenestrated , Usa)

GEN 26 "Belgrade/Dublin" (incl. 2 live tracks) (Smell The Stench, Australia) ~ Listen

GEN 26 "A Door To..." 3'' CD-R (Mask Of The Slave Records, Romania) ~ Review

A NICE NOISE EVENING VOL.1 compilation CD-R ([&], Slovenia) ~ Review

DRMK Kronika Vol. 1 compilation CD-R (DRMK, Slovenia) ~ Review

R.O.N.F. Net Compilation Vol. 1.0 (R.O.N.F. records, Spain) ~ to listen/download the compilation go here

POWER/FIELD double compilation CD-R (Anarchymoon Recordings, Usa)

SECOND NET COMPILATION (Smell The Stench, Australia)


GEN 26 "Kompozicija #09/Balorez" tape (self-released) (available only on GEN 26 concerts)

FREENOSIE: FUSION compilation CD-R (Freenoise, UK)

GALERIJA GLASBE 2006 compilation CD-R (Sampless, Slovenia)


GEN 26 "F*/Jesen/Live" CD-R (Smell The Stench, Australia) ~ Review

GEN 26 "BLN" 3" CD-R ~ Cover ~ Review



GEN 26 / AMPER-O-MAT "Live in Kljub Celje" split CD-R (Kljub Celje, Slovenia) ~ Download

MAN MANLY / GEN 26 "You Don't Know Anything!" split and collaboration CD-R

With SIST EN 343


SIST EN 343 / FALL INTO DRY LUNGS "Harsh Noise Burger Party" split tape (Debila records, Slovenia)


SIST EN 343 / BROTHER OF JUDO split 3" CD-R (Debila records, Slovenia)


SIST EN 343 "J20-00" 3" CD-R (Debila records, Slovenia) ~ Review


NOISE CONGLOMERATE V - 99-track online compilation (Anti-Everything, USA)


7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA / SIST EN 343 / tn666 3-way split CD (co-release with Ecocentric Records, Germany)


SIST EN 343 / SUPRAPHON FAMILY split CD-R (P.O.P. Shitcords Records, Slovakia) ~ Free download


SIST EN 343 / ANIMAL MACHINE split CD-R (Symbolic Prod., France)

NAPALM NOISE / SIST EN 343 split CD-R (Undergroud Pollution Records, France) ~ Review


NAPALMED / HERMIT w/SIST EN 343 split tape re-issue on CD-R with bonus songs from all three bands (R.O.N.F. Records, Spain)

APOPHALLATION / EDIBLE COLOSTOMY BAG / SIST EN 343 / TJERE 4-way split CD-R (R.O.N.F. Records, Spain) ~ Review

DRMK Kronika Vol. 1 compilation CD-R (DRMK, Slovenia)


SIST EN 343 / SONIC DISORDER split 7'' EP (RRRecords, Usa)

FUCK YOUR HEAD WITH AN IRON FIST compilation CD-R (Musically Incorrect Records, Finland)


MACSKA LEVES compilation CD (Manufracture, Canada)


SIST EN 343 "40W" CD-R/tape (Hermetic Museum Recordings, Canada /CD-R, Noisetapes, Canada /tape)

SIST EN 343 / NOISEBITCH "Say Yes To Life, Say No To Music" split and collaboration CD-R (Anima Mal Nata, Holland)

MLADINCI: HRUPNO compilation CD-R (DRMK, Slovenia)

DIFFICULT MUSIC FOR DIFFICULT PEOPLE VOL. 2 compilation CD-R (Raw Research Recordings, Belgium)


SIST EN 343 "Noizjava I / Merzfuk" CD-R (self-released)

SIST EN 343 "220~230V" tape (self-released)

KADEF / SIST EN 343 split-tape (Kadef, Germany)

¬MES SANGLANTES / SIST EN 343 split-tape/CD-R (Debila Records, Slovenia)

SIST EN 343 "4 357 126 ms" CD-R (self-released)

KLUBSKI MARATON compilation CD-R (Radio Student, Ljubljana, Slovenia) ~ Listen

HATE IS OUR RELIGION compilation CD-R (Novaya Zemlya Productions, France)

ANOMALOUS SILENCER VOL. 5 compilation CD (Napal Med, Czech republic)

SHIT FOR AN ANSWER VOL. 2 double compilation-tape (Debila Records, Slovenia)


NAPALMED / HERMIT w/SIST EN 343 split tape (Abnormal Tapes, Slovenia) ~ Free download

SIST EN 343 / NEUE MIGRENE split tape (Abnormal Tapes, Slovenia)

SIST EN 343 / MONOBRAIN split tape (Smell The Stench Tapes, Australia)

JASON CAMPBELL / SIST EN 343 split-tape (Hermetic Museum Recordings, Canada)

WALDRAND / SINNER'S CRIME / SIST EN 343 split-tape (Abnormal Tapes, Slovenia & GŁrteltier Tapes, Switzerland) ~ Free download

DILATAZIONI VOL. 4 compilation tape (Rarefazioni Uterine, Italy)


MASTIKATOR / ANAL TUMOUR / FUNFUNDAKCIG BOJS / SHITOBA 4-way split-tape (Acoustic Records, Slovakia) ~ Free download

DIFFICULT MUSIC FOR DIFFICULT PEOPLE VOL. 1 compilation CD (Raw Research Recordings, Belgium)*

SHIT FOR AN ANSWER VOL.1 compilation-tape (Debila Records, Slovenia)*

JASON CAMPBELL / MASTIKATOR split-tape (Hermetic Museum Recordings, Canada)

MASTIKATOR "Demo 2000" (Abnormal Tapes, Slovenia)

NES / MASTIKATOR split tape (Abnormal Tapes, Slovenia)* ~ Free download

MASTIKATOR / CRKLAKICMA split CD-R (self-released)*

Material sent, never got released and probably got lost: 15 minutes for 4-way split-tape (Rarafazioni Uterine, Italy), 15 minutes for 4-way split-tape released in Slovakia, cover songs for "A TRIBUTE TO N.Y.A.B." compilation CD

(* meaning not actively participating on this release, but somehow helped at releasing)


SNAJPER / OPS-PSF split 7" (Co-released in 2016 by [&] (UK) and Rage For All (USA) )

Unreleased tracks from 2000 on ONLY RICE AND BEANS compilation 3" CD-R (released in 2011 by Debila Records, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / KUUAF / VASECTOMY EGGS NAILER 3-way split CD-R (released in 2008 by Mierda En La Cabeza Records, Ecuador)

SNAJPER / PILE OF EGGS split-tape (released in 2005 by Fuck Music Productions, Usa)

SNAJPER / D.R.T.A.D.A. split-tape (Acoustic Records, Slovakia)

NOIZART 3 compilation-tape (Beer Records, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / ¬MES SANGLANTES / SONIC DISORDER 3-way split-tape (Debila Records, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / ALL GIRL MOSH PIT split-tape (Usa)

SNAJPER "Nova Alternativa" demo (Wheelchair Full Of Old Men, Usa)

SNAJPER / NOISE MIGRANAAAA split-tape (Maxi Noise Sensation, Germany)

SNAJPER / NOISECORPSE / DROSPHILA 3-way split-tape (Scrotum Records, Germany)

SNAJPER / NOISE MIGRANAAAA / NOISECORPSE / EPILEPTIC 4-way split-tape (Maxi Noise Sensation, Germany)

SNAJPER / SHIT AGAINST THE PLAGUE split-tape (Debila Records, Slovenia)

LO-FI SAFARI compilation-tape (Fecal Forces, Croatia)

SNAJPER / CRKLAKICMA / ALWAYS ULTRA 3-way split-tape (Fuck-U-Tapes, Slovenia)

SLOVENIAN NOISECORE MASSACRE compilation-tape (bootleg tape done by Musical Destruction Tapes, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / SCAB split-tape (Cat Move, Japan)


MAXI NOISE SENSATION 2 compilation-tape (Maxi Noise Sensation, Germany)

SNAJPER / M. NOMIZED / PI—A COLADA 3-way split-tape (D.M.K. Music, Spain)

SMELLS LIKE UNDERGROUND! compilation-tape + booklet (Undercover Fanzine, Slovenia)

UNDERGROUND OF SLOVENIA 2 compilation-tape (Crime Tapes, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / OPS-PSF split-tape (Fuck-U-Tapes, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / POLLUTED THOUGHT / ULTIMATE FANTASY 3-way split-tape (Pure Fucking Chaos, Usa)

SNAJPER / CONGENITAL HAEMORRHOIDS split-tape (Bloodbath Records, Japan)

MUTILATED CARCASS 5 compilation-tape (Pure Fucking Chaos, Usa)

SNAJPER "ä.I.ä.P.I.ä." demo (Good Vibration Tapes, Spain)

SNAJPER / A.U.B. /N.B.N. 3-way split-tape (Debila records, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / N-B.N. split-tape (Coca-Core Tapes, Slovenia)

NOIZART 2 compilation-tape (Beer Records, Slovenia)

PROPAD CLOVESTVA 1.DEL compilation-tape (Fuck-U-Tapes + Debila Records, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / BOSTON FARMERS split-tape (Debila Records, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / ROBOT 3000 split-tape (Fuck-U-Tapes, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / ST. LUCAS split-tape (Fuck-U-Tapes, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / C*K! split-tape (Fuck-U-Tapes, Slovenia)

A.S.C. / SNAJPER / HC 40 / VRTC 4-way split-tape (Skirocore, Slovenia)

NOIZART 1 compilation-tape (Beer Records, Slovenia)

THE DOORS / SNAJPER / Z.O.O. / NO PROFIT 4-way split-tape (Beer Records, Slovenia)

Material sent, never got released and probably got lost: 15 minutes for compilation on Scum tapes (Slovenia), 15 minutes for Go-charge records (Canada), about 10 minutes for split-tape on Miserable stuffs, USA,few minutes sent for GOOD VIBRATIONS 1 compilation-tape (Good vibration tapes, Spain), Agarchy! 2 compilation-tape (Agarchy fanzine, Slovenia), Coca-Core compilation-tape (Coca-Core tapes, Slovenia), Oral Jesus Fanzine (Usa), 300 band compilation-tape (Scrotum records, Germany)


RADIATOR / BEDNA CRKVA split-tape (Debila Records, Slovenia)

PROPAD CLOVESTVA 1. DEL compilation-tape (Fuck-U-Tapes + Debila Records, Slovenia)

With ROBOT 3000

ROBOT 3000 "Discography" tape (released in 2007 by Kinetic Sleaze Productions, Usa)

ROBOT 3000 "Demo IV" (included as bonus material on SNAJPER side of SNAJPER / PILE OF EGGS split-tape / Fuck Music Productions, Usa)

ROBOT 3000 "Silence Is Rebellious demo III" (Fuck-U-Tapes, Slovenia)

SNAJPER / ROBOT 3000 split-tape (Fuck-U-Tapes, Slovenia)

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